Cavs’ high team-spirit is quite natural, says LeBron James

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LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo courtesy: Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons)

LeBron James is unhappy about people making too much noise regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers’ high team-spirit. James feels the kind of spirit showed by the Cavs’ players is quite obvious for a team progressing closer towards a common goal. And according to the four time MVP, it was there from the beginning of the series.

Some experts have pointed out the present team-spirit in the Cavs’ camp as something unprecedented. Even Cavs’ general manager David Griffin expressed his disbelief on such team-spirit after Cleveland routed Atlanta Hawks in the Conference semifinals.

“This is special,” he told Chris Haynes of “This wasn’t there before.”

LBJ defies their point.

“We’ve always been close no matter if it was the postseason or the regular season,” James said Wednesday after practice as his Cleveland team is waiting to play either the Heat or Raptors in the Eastern finals.

“We’ve always been a close group since we came together last year,” James said. “But I think as you continue to have games, continue to have road trips, things of that nature, it’s human nature to get close when you’re around someone every single day. So, we’ve always been a close group.”

James has made it a tradition to invite the entire team to his place for celebrations and enjoyment. The guys played cards, games watched television and dined together in a number of occasions at James’ place.

“That says a lot about our leader,” Tristan Thompson said. “He’s welcoming and wants people to come to his home and wants to be around us and wants us to be in his space. It’s great. It’s beautiful.”

The outcome is that the Cavs have won eight straight games to start their post-season. And the high quality team-game reflects that the team is going through a dream phase, the best since James’ return to Cleveland.

We understand what we want, and guys are just taking that seriously and putting in the work. When you have the same goal and everyone’s buying in it makes the job easier.” Sums up LeBron James.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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