LeBron James: Kyle Korver not a final ‘championship move’

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LeBron James, Kyle Korver
LeBron James, Kyle Korver

The Golden State Warriors may have made a gigantic move in hiring Kevin Durant, but LeBron James and the Cavs are taking important steps to defend their crown.

Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks will soon be joining the Cavs. Mike Dunleavy is his likely exchange along with a first round pick, thanks to LeBron James ‘ insistence. And what LeBron wants, LeBron gets.

Kyle Korver made it to the all-star for the first time in 2015 since he joined the league in 2003. His role is vital for the Cavs as a sharpshooter, and in that regard he holds the NBA record for highest three-point field goal percentage in a season at 53.6%.

LeBron James will make Kyle Korver improve stats

LeBron James has proven to be a great leader and mentor for his teammates. Not only does he pave the way to winning and getting things done, but he also makes them better athletes.

LeBron James believes Kyle Korver will be doing much better with the Cavs. Thanks to the James and the talented Cavs line up, their shooting guard is expected to be making more wide-open threes.

“They’ll go higher than that, too,” LeBron James said in a report by CBSSports. “We’re gonna get him the ball. He’s on the floor for a reason. We’re going to get it to him.” He also described Kyle Korver as a “hell of a shooter.”

Kyle Korver a final step in title defense?

No. LeBron James refers to this as one of the necessary steps to a championship move, but that the Cavs aren’t done yet.

“We gotta get a point guard,” James told “It’s my last time saying it. We need a point guard.” At the moment Iman Shumpert is filling in for that void, but he’s normally a shooting guard.

The Cavs don’t have space for additional players at this time, but James implies that will have to change. He mentions their need of a big man too.

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“You look at our league, most teams have three point guards,” LeBron James added. “We only have two with Ky and our rook in Kay (Felder). I think just having that secure blanket. Every NFL team has three quarterbacks. Having that secure blanket in case of a (Derek) Carr, (the Raiders quarterback who was injured just before playoff time). We’ll see what happens, but, we’re happy with our team right now.”

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