LeBron James News: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson felt disrespected by The King’s tombstone cookies and ‘3-1 Lead’ designed drum

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The Golden State Warriors felt disrespected with how LeBron James celebrated the Halloween party. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson reacted not only with tombstone cookies “The King” presented but also the drum head with a “3-1 Lead” on it.

The 2016 NBA Finals brought a traumatic experience for the Golden State Warriors when they got defeated by the Cleveland Cavaliers despite having a 3-1 lead. The LeBron James-led Cavaliers made history as the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit and become an NBA champion.

In their regular season opener against the New York Knicks, the Cavaliers were awarded their 2016 NBA Championship rings. Many people have noticed the design of the interior side of the ring showing seven gemstones representing the best-of-seven games in the NBA Finals series.

Recently, LeBron James displayed his ‘creativity’ in a Halloween party. Cookies that looked like tombstones had Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson’s name engraved on it. On the stage, a skeleton James was placed with a “3-1 Lead” inscribed on it, obviously reminding how they embarrassed the Golden State Warriors in the recent NBA Finals.

It did not take long before the Warriors players heard the news and expressed their sentiments over James’ actions. Surprisingly, of all the Warriors, Draymond Green remained calm and just smiled after knowing about the skeleton props.

“More power to them,” he said. “I already got enough fuel. I don’t need more. Enjoy.”

However, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson somehow did not like how James celebrated the Halloween.

“I’m just going to keep it quiet,” Curry told ESPN while shaking his head.

At some point, it is easy to understand why the Warriors felt disrespected by ‘The King’. However, there were reports saying that it was the Cavaliers’ act of revenge with how Stephen Curry treated them last year. Chris Haynes of ESPN revealed that the Cavaliers did not like Curry’s comment saying that he hoped the visiting locker room still smelled like champagne.

“I don’t think they like that Steph [Curry] said that,” Warriors guard Shaun Livingston told ESPN. “… Guys see it and everybody feels their own way about it, but it just fuels everybody for the next time we play them.”

As most predictions said, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are expected to face each other for the third time in the 2017 NBA Finals. The Warriors will meet the reigning NBA champions for the first time this season on Christmas day.

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