LeBron James News: To retire a Cavalier; we should all die or move to Cleveland

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LeBron James news is not something a basketball fan would want to miss for anything in the world. He is an aggressive competitor, passionate, and he certainly doesn’t shy away from making bold statements.

Didn’t we enjoy listening or reading about his celebratory speech that turned out to be rich in expletives following their win over the Golden State Warriors?

Now, in a celebration where they received their much deserved championship rings, LeBron James news stir us once again.

LeBron James thinks we should just die, all of us, if we’re living elsewhere other than Cleveland. Strange.

“Without you 20,000 fans, this would not be possible. This night, none of us will ever forget.” LeBron James said according to a report by USA Today.

And Dan Gilbert put into words what that emotionally charged night was leading into. “There’s only one thing left to do. Repeat.”

It was clearly the Cavs night, but once again LeBron James had a way of refocusing all that energy toward him, albeit perhaps not is direct intention.

“At this point, if you’re not from here, live here, play here, dedicate yourself to Cleveland, then it makes no sense for you to live at this point. Cleveland against the world.” LeBron James said in a report by CBS Sports.

Seriously. Not only is he likely to reclaim the NBA’s MVP crown this season, repeat as an NBA champ, but also thinks nobody else is ever worthy of competing against them.

So for now we could say we should once and for all drop all rumors about LeBron James ever leaving the Cavs when he becomes a free agent, or by trade, or by any way possible. LeBron James news declares all that impossible.

But of course, we understand how emotions can lead us to say funny things we’re likely to regret.

He also tweeted, “all of this! Take it all in cause it’s all for you guys! Couldn’t think of a better place for this moment tonight! ‪#AllForTheLand ‪#LetsRock

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