Luke Walton’s contract with Lakers is a high-bargain in NBA, says business experts

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The Los Angeles Lakers signed Luke Walton as their head coach on the first day he met the franchise’s management. Walton was Lakers’ top priority candidate, and surely the Lakers’ meant business by hiring the former Golden State Warriors’ interim head coach.

The details of the Walton’s deal was released on Saturday. The new deal is worth $5 million base price per year for five years, first four of which are guaranteed, as reported by the Forbes.

Looking at the rising cost of head coaches in the NBA circuit, experts view Walton’s contract as a high-bargain one in sharp contrast to the notion that the sum is hefty for a guy with very little experience as a head coach. So, the Lakers meant business while signing Walton.

Is the contract a steal? Experts feel it is, after pairing Walton’s market value with all his accomplishments as Golden State Warriors’ assistant coach.

Walton’s deal is half of the highest paid coaches in the league like Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs), Doc Rivers (Los Angeles Clippers).

The Minnesota Timberwolves hired Tom Thibedeau at $ 50 million, five-year contract. Thibedeau served last season as a special consultant for many teams.

Luke Walton returns to Lakers, the team for which he featured for eight and a half years of his NBA career as a player. And with all the possibilities which could ruin a promising coach’s career. He has an inexperienced point guard, who hasn’t yet evolved to a match winner. The team doesn’t have a leader to lead against all odds. Even the president who hired him could leave within a year, which means the general manager may also quit the job.

So, a tough challenge ahead for Walton and the Lakers have done business by hiring him at this rate.

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