Metta World Peace hopes to play at least 3 more years but the Lakers already giving him an assistant coach job

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Metta World Peace
Photo courtesy: Derral Chen/Wikimedia Commons

After spending one season overseas in China and Italy, the Los Angeles Lakers became concerned with the durability and physicality of Metta World Peace to play last season.

Although seemingly overshadowed by more athletic and young newcomers, the 16-year NBA veteran’s hopes are still soaring high as he aspires to play at least three more years on the basketball court.

“I want to finish off strong,” World Peace said. “It’s not about what it will mean to me. It’s about, ‘Can I get there?'”

According to The Orange County Register, Metta World Peace previously stated that he wanted to stay with the Lakers’ roster for at least through training camp but said that World Peace needs to prove to the team that he can manage to survive the roster cuts before the 2016-2017 NBA season starts.

“We didn’t expect him to make the team last year and he made it,” Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said. “The same thing can happen this year.”

However, ESPN posted that the chances of bringing Metta World Peace back to the Lakers’ roster are slim come opening night but the Lakers reportedly have interest in keeping the veteran forward as part of the coaching staff.

This is, according to league sources, if the Lakers can’t make room for him as an active player, they will make him an assistant coach.

World Peace is obviously one of the guys who had been showing physicality and aggressiveness whenever on the hardcourt but according to league sources, he also contributes when it comes to mentorship.

World Peace’s impact as a mentor to the team, especially to the young players last season was a big reason for the Lakers organization to look at his potential as an assistant coach.

Photo courtesy: Derral Chen/Wikimedia Commons

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