Miami Heat News: Chris Bosh’s NBA return unlikely, reveals he’s getting a ‘taste of retirement’

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Chris Bosh remains questionable to make an NBA comeback and seems like he’s slowly accepting that his basketball career has come to an end.

Chris Bosh suffered blot clot issues during the 2015 All-Star break where he was ruled out for the rest of the season. He managed to return in the following season but missed the playoffs for the same reason. After a failed physical exam in September, the Miami Heat decided not to let him play in the 2016-17 NBA season.

Heat president Pat Riley revealed that they have no plan in bringing the veteran forward back to their team. The Heat see the potential danger of Bosh’s recurring medical condition, thinking that it will be best for him to have an early retirement. Still, Bosh remains optimistic and believes that there are other NBA teams who will let him play next season.

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In a CES gadget show in Las Vegas, Bosh shared how he spent his time away from the court. He didn’t say anything about his health status but mentioned about how he’s getting a “taste of retirement”.

“I’m still learning more about myself and my situation, and really off the court how to function there because I’m kind of getting the taste of retirement now,” Bosh said. “Just trying to navigate those waters because it gets a little complicated sometimes. … Hoping one day that the stars align and I figure some things out and things kind of just go my way and I’ll be able to do what I want to do. I don’t know what that is yet.”

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Some people perceived those words as a way of saying that he will not longer pursue his NBA career. The Heat are expected to waive him in February to remove his salary from the book. Bosh’s retirement means a lot for the Heat since it will enable them to pursue superstars in the 2017 NBA free agency.

Photo courtesy: U.S. Embassy Ghana/Flickr

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