Michael Jordan Dead: Hoax news surfaces as G.O.A.T.’s Hornets beat Heat in NBA Playoffs to stay alive

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Social media went crazy as the news “Michael Jordan Dead” spread the internet like wildfire earlier last week. However, the news is a complete hoax as the “Greatest of All Time” is all alive and healthy. What made the 53-year-old even livelier was when his Charlotte Hornets defeated Miami Heat 89-85 to stay alive in the NBA playoffs.

Rumors of Jordan’s death plagued the internet last Saturday when a Facebook page posted a “RIP Michael Jordan” status. What made the news go viral was one million “Likes” to the post. However, when the entire web was busy mourning the five-time NBA MVP’s death, Twitter erupted in fury over the death hoax, as reported by Media Mass.

The news became more fake when on April 24, 2016, one of Jordan’s spokespersons officially confirmed that he is alive. The spokesperson stated that Jordan was a victim of the death hoax along with a lot of celebrities. He also asked the people to stop believing everything on the internet.

Meanwhile, the Hornets carried on their success against the Miami Heat from Game 3 and decided not to fix anything which already isn’t broke. Their starting lineup featured both Al Jefferson and Frank Kaminsky. Their main focus in the game was isolation heavy grind it out basketball. With this win, Hornets will now head to Miami for Game 5 with the hope of returning to Charlotte with a chance of eliminating the Heat’s.

It will be interesting now to see what changes the Heat makes to their lineup in order to get back at the Hornets.

Photo courtesy: Basket Streaming/

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