NBA Bust? Chinese prospect Zhou Qi declares for 2016 NBA Draft

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20-year-old Chinese center Zhou Qi has announced his intention to join the 2016 NBA Draft set later this year and he could very well be the next NBA bust. A 7-foot-2 big man but with a very lanky frame, the player from China will see if any NBA team is interested in getting a big man who has the height but has raw talent.

“Everyone has his own way to go, and I believe that everyone has their own goals, and we should wish them all the best, hoping they can challenge themselves…” Former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming said of Zhou’s decision.

Another Chinese official is also not convinced that Zhou is ready for the big league in the United States as Yahoo Sports have confirmed the news of Zhou’s attempt to make the NBA.

“We think the time is not right for him to go to the NBA, but he insisted on giving it a try,” Xinjiang Flying Tigers Chairman Hou Wei said in a media interview and maybe scared that Zhou will be another NBA bust.

Except for Yao Ming, all other Chinese players who’ve made the NBA were seen as NBA busts. Wang Zhizhi was one of those players and he had a five-year NBA career but was just a rotational player. Other Chinese busts include Sun Yue (played 10 games) and Yi Jianlian, among others.

Zhou averaged 15.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 3.2 blocks for Xinjiang in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). However, the CBA is a very low quality league compared to the NBA and it remains to be seen if Zhou will make his mark in the big leagues or be another NBA bust from China.

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