NBA Draft 2016 Rumors: Murray to Celtics, Bender to Suns?

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As the NBA draft comes near, there are many people who are guessing as to who will go to which team. Here are the possibilities of some of those who will likely go to which team in the NBA.

First off is Ben Simmons from LSU. Many are in agreement that most likely the Philadelphia 76ers will take him in. CBS Sports reports that Simmons will be first overall draft pick, something which many also agree. Simmons himself has already gone to Philadelphia so this would not come as much of a surprise.

The second in line is Brandon Ingram from Duke. Again, most agree that he will likely go to the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s been said that the Lakers would’ve preferred Simmons had they been given the first pick. Overall though Ingram might be a good addition to the Lakers, which looks to rebuild for the coming season.

The third pick is still up for contention. CBS Sports has the Boston Celtics taking in Jamal Murray from Kentucky. However, SB Nation sees the Celtics getting Jaylen Brown from California. sees them getting Kris Dunn from Providence.

For Murray his 3-point output might make him an asset for the Celtics, averaging 40.8 percent for Kentucky. For Brown it’s that he is a versatile defender as well as a good ball handler. Any of the three will likely be a good addition for the Celtics.

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Fourth pick as well would be contentious. CBS Sports sees the Phoenix Suns picking up Dragan Bender from Croatia while SB Nation has Marquese Chriss from Washington. has Jaylen Brown here for the Suns.

The Suns would have a need for a power forward and Bender could fill that position although he has not played college basketball in the U.S. but played in Europe. Chriss would bring with him his versatility on the floor.

For the fifth pick CBS Sports and see Buddy Hield for the Minnesota Timberwolves. SB Nation has Dragan Bender for the team. CBS Sports sees Hield to be the best shooter among the top draft prospects, and with good cause as he is the current CBS Sports National Player.

For the sixth pick it is Kris Dunn for CBS Sports and SB Nation for the New Orleans Pelicans. has Jamal Murray for New Orleans.

For the seventh draft pick CBS Sports has Marquese Chriss for the Denver Nuggets. SB Nation goes for Jamal Murray while has Dragan Bender.

The Sacramento Kings gets the eighth pick and for CBS Sports that would be Jaylen Brown. For SB Nation that is Buddy Hield while sees Domantas Sabonis from Gonzaga for the Kings. Sabonis is disciplined though he could also be wild at times on the court.

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The Toronto Raptors will get the ninth pick and for CBS Sports that is Henry Ellenson from Marquette. SB Nation sees that to be Domantas Sabonis while has it to be Marquese Chriss. Ellenson is a power forward, something that the Raptors need for the coming season.

For the 10th pick the Milwaukee Bucks gets it and for CBS Sports it would be Jakob Poeltl from Utah. SB Nation has it to be Dejounte Murray from Washington while sees it to be Dayonta Davis from Michigan State.

All told those are the top ten potential picks for the coming NBA Draft. Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram seem to have a lock in on Philadelphia and Los Angeles, respectively, while the other top spots are more or less still in contention for the other picks. Just who will actually go to which team will be seen soon when the NBA Draft 2016 takes place Thursday.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Dphilmore

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