NBA Draft Rumors: Ben Simmons has immaturity issues; Lakers set to draft him second overall

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Ben Simmons (Photo Courtesy: EmbraceThePace – NBA 2K16/YouTube)

The 2016 NBA Draft will be headlined by Ben Simmons of the LSU Tigers and Brandon Ingram of the Duke Blue Devils. According to the latest NBA draft rumors, Simmons has immaturity issues that could lead to him dropping to the Los Angeles Lakers for the second overall pick.

The Philadelphia 76ers have the first overall selection this year and they are leaning towards drafting the 19-year-old forward from LSU. However, former NBA player and executive Rex Chapman revealed on The Dan Patrick Show that Simmons has issues about his maturity off the court.

“He’s a great talent, great passer and knows the game. But I think if you ask people around LSU, around the league; he’s got some immaturity issues, and I think that’s what frightens teams a little bit,” Chapman said.

“I think more so off the court. I think his game is a little more mature than his age for sure, but I think there are questions about his ability to be a really good teammate,” he added.

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According to, Simmons prefers getting drafted by the Lakers rather than the Sixers. Los Angeles is a big market team where a player like Simmons can build his name and brand, compared to the smaller market in Philadelphia.

The Australia native can force his way to Los Angeles and the Sixers could just give in to their demand. Philadelphia cannot go wrong with either Ingram or Simmons, but drafting a player who does not want to be part of your organization is not a good move.

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However, there is a chance that the Sixers may still take a chance on Simmons due to his potential as the next Magic Johnson or LeBron James. ESPN also noted in their report that Sixers head coach Brett Brown has connections with Simmons’ family.

That connection could be very helpful in convincing the 19-year-old to play in Philadelphia. Even though Brown won’t give any additional details, he is reportedly close to Ben’s parents, David and Julie Simmons.

Photo Courtesy: EmbraceThePace – NBA 2K16/YouTube

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