NBA Draft Rumors: Lakers prefer Josh Jackson or De’Aaron Fox over Lonzo Ball?

PHOTOGRAPH: TonyTheTiger/Wikimedia Commons | Lonzo Ball of the UCLA Bruins

In most mock drafts, the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to select Lonzo Ball as the second overall pick of the 2017 NBA draft. However, Chris McGee of Spectrum Sportsnet revealed that the Lakers aren’t yet certain who they will pick. Aside from Ball, McGee said that De’Aaron Fox and Josh Jackson are also on the Lakers’ radar.

“I absolutely do not think it’s a foregone conclusion, I actually think it’s probably 50/50, 60/40 in favor of Ball in the Lakers front office,” McGee said during an appearance on Locked on Lakers. “Guys love De’Aaron Fox in that front office, because what’s there not to love? The kid is one of the best athletes in the draft. He’s 6’4, I know he’s skinny but he’s got good length. [Kentucky Head Coach John] Calipari will tell you he’s as fast as John Wall with the ball. Josh Jackson, they love too, and so do I. So there’s three really good guys you’re going to be looking at number two.”

LA Lakers’ No. 2 pick: Lonzo Ball, De’Aaron Fox or Josh Jackson?

Multiple signs are pointing out that Lonzo Ball will be playing for the Lakers next season. The UCLA Bruins star expressed his interest in joining the purple and gold. Ball said that he would rather join the Lakers than being the No. 1 overall pick.

Unfortunately, the Lakers aren’t yet locked on Ball. As McGee revealed, there are “three guys” that the Lakers really love. Before making the final decision, the Lakers are expected to go through the pre-draft process.

“The workouts and those interviews are going to be huge, and Lonzo is going to have to have a great workout, and he’s going to have to say the right things in the meeting, and they’re going to have to get a great feel for him to be the guy,” McGee said. “I don’t think it’s just ‘Lonzo, hey let’s go.'”

Lakers scheduling workout for Lonzo Ball

Lakers president of basketball operations revealed that he talked to general manager Rob Pelinka about scheduling a workout for Lonzo Ball. This will surely have a huge impact on the Lakers’ decision in the upcoming draft. Coach Luke Walton is a big fan of Ball’s game and could be wanting to work with him next season.

The Lakers also have no problem with LaVar Ball as they have been in the same situation before. Also, LaVar openly stated that his son will only be working out with the Lakers.

Photo courtesy: TonyTheTiger/Wikimedia Commons

Video courtesy: Youtube/Sports Buzz

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