NBA Free Agency Rumor: DeMar DeRozan clearly heading to L. A. next season

There are rumors stating that DeRozan is clearly heading to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers next season.

Toronto Raptors’ star DeMar DeRozan is getting the celebrity status as rumors are swelling that he will opt out of his current contract to get a better one for his future with the Raptors or elsewhere. There are even rumors stating that DeRozan is clearly heading to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers next season.

For this season, DeRozan will earn a base salary of $9.5 million and an incentive bonus of $650,000. He also has a cap hit of $10,150,000 while his dead money value is $20,200,000. He also has a player’s option in his contract thus, making him one of the gems this free agency season which will start in July and the Lakers are so full of salary space that they could accommodate and even match the Raptors offer.

Aside from giving him a lucrative offer, the Lakers could also give DeRozan a significant role in the Lakers’ roster for the next season with the retirement of their superstar Kobe Bryant. Aside from DeRozan, the Lakers are also looking at Kevin Durant and even LeBron James that would form part of their free agent list.

Even ESPN’s Stephen Smith drove at the conclusion that DeRozan will surely play for the Lakers as his family lives in Los Angeles City.

“He’s made it very, very clear that he wants to be in L.A. He has family out there. He’s from out there. He wants to be in L.A. He wants to wear the purple and gold, and if there’s a way for it to happen, again he’s restricted, if there’s a way for it to happen, DeMar DeRozan will be in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform next season,” Smith said.

Even Laker legend Magic Johnson agrees with Smith that his former team should go after Durant and DeRozan this summer to get things stable with the Lakers. The Lakers just signed Luke Walton to a head coaching job and with the addition of Durant and DeRozan, they could turn things around from where they are in the last three seasons.

Johnson will also be personally involved with the Lakers as he will be mentoring D’Angelo Russell this summer and with the NBA lottery just a few weeks away, the Lakers will know where they will be during the draft and from there they could start courting top free agents like Durant and DeRozan to sign up with them.

However, the decision will still come from DeRozan, who has been a reason in the Raptors campaign, especially with their playoff run. Thus, the question will be if DeRozan would opt out of the Raptors, which is going to finish strong this season or sign up with the Lakers, whose future is still yet to be determined.

Photo Courtesy: @NBAcom/Twitter

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