NBA Free Agency Rumor: Houston Rockets join pursuit of Kevin Durant

The Houston Rockets are now looking forward as they renew their plan to pursue Kevin Durant, who will be a free agent this summer.

After losing the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the Houston Rockets are now looking forward as they renew their plan to pursue Kevin Durant, who will be a free agent this summer. The Rockets are set for a major overhaul and rumors are swelling around the league that things will start with a new head coach on board.

Rocket’s interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff is rumored to be in contention for the job since Tom Thibodeau, Scott Brooks and Luke Walton have all been taken in by other teams. However, the Rockets are still keen in looking at other options for the position such as Jeff Van Gundy and there are rumors surfacing that the team could negotiate again with former coach Kevin McHale, though noting has been officially stated by the team.

Hiring or appointing a new coach will be a tough job for the Rockets front office but general manager Daryl Morey and owner Leslie Alexander are looking forward to looking at the possibility of having a new coach that will bring the team to new direction as well.

Aside from a new head coach, the Rockets are also determined to relive their pursue of Kevin Durant to sign with them this summer and no less that James Harden himself will pitch in to help in courting Durant to play side-by-side with him. ESPN reports that Durant has not yet given any hints as to which team he would want to play for next season. However, indications are pointing to either Washington or Los Angeles. Does Harden’s role in recruiting Durant come into play and he is willing to play his part as well.

“In order to put yourself as an elite team, you always got to have talent, right?” Harden said while not addressing Durant specifically. “You always got to get better and find ways to improve. That’s any team,” Harden said.

Though it is still a long shot for the Rockets to even lure Durant in, the Rockets are also looking at other talented free agents in the market. They are rumored to have interest also with Mike Conley, Al Horford, Ryan Anderson, Hassan Whiteside and Harrison Barnes. But the question remains, who will agree to jump in with the Rockets and play with Harden? It has been an open book that most if not all of the players in the Rockets’ roster are having a hard time playing with Harden, who does not seem to include other such as Dwight Howard in the play. It seems the souring relationship between Harden and Howard has gone long way that Howard opts out of the team.

After their playoff run, the Rockets are looking ahead to the summer and with a space cap, they could very well be able to land a potential free agent and are looking forward to get a price catch in the draft as well.

Photo Courtesy: Alexis Marcou/Flickr

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