NBA Free Agency Rumor: Mavericks not keen on giving max deal to Dwight Howard?

The Dallas Mavericks lost round one in the NBA postseason and as early as now as the team is heading for another overhaul rumors are swirling involving the team and Dwight Howard.

The Dallas Mavericks lost in the first round of the NBA postseason and as early as now as the team is heading for another overhaul rumors are swirling involving the team and Dwight Howard. It seems that the Mavericks are not keen on giving in a maximum deal to the 30-year old center, who has already opted out of his contract with the Houston Rockets.

Officials from the Mavericks front office are now doing their home work if they are going to make a run after Howard, but told ESPN that Howard’s market value should be lower than what he is expecting so that they too can be flexible in making an offer sheet with him as well.

The Mavericks’ top management is also considering the fact that Howard’s numbers in the past two seasons with the Rockets has plummeted big time and he has some convincing to do if he is really that worth of a max deal or not as they are still fighting for survival against the Golden State Warriors in the postseason.

One of the string believers that Howard can still revive his dominance inside the paint and still has that playing stuff in him is former teammate Chandler Parsons. He believes that given the chance that he would be reunited with Howard, the two can turn things around in the Mavericks way.

“I think he can still dominate the game. I think he can still be a great player in this league. And I think he’s going to leave Houston. So why not come here?” Parsons said.

However, before Parsons make any more prophesies he must be certain if he is also re-signing with the Mavericks since he opted out of his $46 million contract with the Mark Cuban-owned franchise. Fox Sports reported that Parsons and the team are already in talks about his contract for the next season and it might be put into reconsideration once Howard’s name is put also on the table.

The Mavericks would be wise enough to go after Howards considering that their main man Dirk Nowitzki is in the twilight of his career and a suitable replacement is needed to man the paint on defense and be dominating on both ends of the floor.

But Howard is not yet focusing on his future plans as he wants to stay professional as he can be by working his way in helping the Rockets comeback from a 3-1 series deficit and be able to move into the next round of the playoffs.

“I don’t pay attention to it. It’s he said she said. My job is to focus on being great tomorrow and helping this team win,” Howard told Calvin Watkins.

So talks with the Mavericks and his future are still on hold not until their series is over and Howard can’t wait to listen to offers that would  regain his composure as a dominant player once again.

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