NBA Free Agency Rumor: Wizards will pitch something for Kevin Durant to reconsider their offer

The Washington Wizards are in the mix of rumors swirling within the NBA as they would make a pitch offer for Kevin Durant.

The Washington Wizards are in the mix of rumors swirling within the NBA as they would make a pitch offer for Kevin Durant to reconsider and sign with them by the summer.

The Wizards have recently acquired the services of Scott Brooks, Durant’s coach back in OKC till he was fired last summer by its management. However, the Wizards are stating that it would be an injustice to look at the hiring of Brooks will be one of their tools to lure in Durant, who will be the top free agent this summer as well.

Even Wizards John Wall disclaimed the allegations that they would use Brooks as their main component to get Durant’s services. Wall stated that he hopes to learn from Brooks, who was able to combine Durant and Russell Westbrook into a lethal combination in both ends of the floor.

“We signed Scotty Brooks to win an NBA championship. We didn’t sign Scotty Brooks to say, ‘Okay, Scotty, go get him. You got to bring us Kevin Durant.’ We got Scotty Brooks because we feel like he can help John Wall and make him a better player and make our team get to the next step. We didn’t get Scotty Brooks just to get Kevin Durant. That’s not what Scott is on board to do. And I hope everybody doesn’t expect just because we got Scotty Brooks, he’s automatically going to get K.D., he’s going to automatically jump,” Wall said.

David Aldridge opinionates that Brooks was hired by the Wizards to help in making Wall and Bradley Beal work well inside the court like what he did with Durant and Westbrook back in OKC. He is also tasked with making the Wizards a defensive-oriented team that could score out of turnovers as well as make solid pass plays for its players, in short overhauling the team’s core.

The Wizards are definitely would make a pitch get Durant from the talented pool of free agents, but it will not basically be Brooks’ work, but by the Wizards’ management. If things go with the Wizards, then it would be a major breakthrough of having Wall, Beal, Marcin GortatNene and Durant as a solid and formidable first five on the floor. It could as well turn things around for the Wizards which finished the regular season with a 41-41 tally in the eastern conference.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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