NBA Free Agent Rumors: Knicks to use Arron Affalo as chip to land Kevin Durant

New York Knicks are set to make a run for Kevin Durant by this summer.

The New York Knicks are dead serious is doing a rebuilding of the team to make it competitive for next season and please its superstar Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks are kicking things off if they could persuade Arron Affalo to opt for free agency to make room a bigger salary cap to potentially land Kevin Durant this summer.

NBA free agency rumors are starting to swirl around the league as the elimination round of for the regular season comes to a close and teams, like the Knicks, are going back to the drawing board to assess their situation.

Currently, the Knicks have an estimated $74,237,021 team payroll for this season and will have an estimated team payroll of $69,015,528 for next season, they have to unload some more to be able to have enough money in the bank if they are to make a run for the 27-year old star forward from Oklahoma City Thunder, who is thinking of getting into the free agency this summer.

One of the key players in the mix of things is Knicks’ guard Arron Affalo, who is also giving a thought of joining the free agency market to test his worth. Affalo is worth $8 million and if goes to free agency then the Knicks will have $8 million more to their bargaining chip to lure Durant in.

But the 30-year old UCLA Bruin tells ESPN that he believes that if gets into the free agency he could get much more and wants a starting spot if ever he looks for a better offer.

“I still believe I’m one of the premier two guards in this league and part of being an elite two guard in this league is opportunity. You have to be in a certain environment where you can excel and show what you can do and hopefully that contributes to winning. And I still believe I’m that player so I’ll find the best opportunity for me whether it’s in New York or anywhere else,” Affalo said.

The likely scenario will be if Affalo opts for free agency it would mean more luring power for the Knicks, but the question remains if Durant eyes a stint with the Knicks? And if he fits with the system that both Phil Jackson and interim coach Kurt Rambis wants to implore.

Rambis tells NY Daily that a team’s system should also fit the player that a team is looking for and that player should be able to adjust to the system that would be imposed of him once he is in.

“It shouldn’t be a balance (between finding players to fit a system and building a system around the players). It’s whatever decision you want to make. The decision with management is to get players who fit into the system. Neither way is wrong. It’s about your mindset and what you want to do. I think the whole process has been to get players who we feel will fit into the system,” Rambis explains.

Be as it may, Affalo has time to weigh things out while the Knicks goes back to its front office to come up with a concrete plan on how to turn things around if they want to pursue Durant and erase the bad omen they have of missing the playoffs for three consecutive season.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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