NBA games livestream on virtual reality and mobile devices

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The NBA games are amping it once again this season by introducing live streaming on VR and mobile. This will give NBA aficionados a lot of options how they would like to experience the game wherever they are.

One more day and the NBA season tip-offs begin, but before that even happened, the league has announced ahead some amazing viewing experience for its fans. Last week, it confirmed that it will air one game per week in a VR-optimized experience.

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However, for those who don’t have any special equipment, NBA has given another option by enabling live streaming on mobile. That means you can also watch the game wherever you are and there are no any other reasons why you should miss it.

The mobile live stream is available for those who have subscribed to the NBA Team Pass, League Pass, and single-game streamers. To access, simply locate the ‘Mobile View’ feature on the settings. The feature allows you to view the game more tightly to make it look much better on your mobile devices.

NBA Digital said that the decision came because 70 percent of their games are accessed by people using their mobile devices. Moreover, they have just made the NBA League Pass available to China giving the game millions of potential viewers who will stream the NBA games via their tablets and mobile phones.

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In fact, mobile devices have beaten TV as the main medium how they watch the games. With this in mind, NBA Digital is taking advantage of this and invested in optimizing the digital experience rather than focus on TV alone. It is also doing the same thing with the VR technology by creating various VR shoots with multi-cameras. This move signals the NBA, embraces the changing landscape of technology and embracing every change it comes from integrating them this season.

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