NBA News: Dwight Howard declines spat with former agent

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Dwight Howard (Photo courtesy: Jose Garcia/Wikimedia Commons)

Just after the trade deadline, the Houston Rockets’ center Dwight Howard had been reported to fire his agent, Dan Fegan.

Social media exploded blaming that Howard has an attitude that is cancer to everyone and the Rockets’ center speaks out on allegations that he was disrespectful to Fegan.

“Just really been since I went to All Star break in Sedona (Ariz.) I’ve been spending time thinking and just trying to figure out what I can do to better myself and better my situation,” Howard said.

Howard expressed that there was nothing between him and Fegan and the decision was purely business.

“It was nothing against my agent. It wasn’t anything bad that he did to me. Sometimes, change is good. I just made a decision based on what I feel I needed to change.”

After Howard’s decision, he expressed that he and Fegan are still in contact up to this date and remained friends.

“I always respect him and love him. We still talk now. But as far as him being my representation, I decided to go other ways.”

Dwight Howard-Houston Rockets

The Rockets is currently in a turbulent season and is barely making the playoffs. Despite all the trade rumors and negative press about him, Howard expressed that he is just focused on his job and play basketball.

“Right now my focus is on us winning and trying to get to the playoffs and win a championship,” Howard said. “All the other stuff, it’s not a factor now.”

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