NBA News: Festus Ezeli out for more than a month for Portland Trail Blazers

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Festus Ezeli (Photo Courtesy: Matthew Addie/Flickr)

Festus Ezeli will be out for about six weeks after a procedure on his knee, confirmed various reports on Monday. This is a minor blow for the Portland Trail Blazers but they are hoping Ezeli can get back to full health in time for the start of the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

RealGM first reported the minor surgery noting that the injection was done by Dr. Brian Cole and that the procedure hopes to “alleviate pain and improve function” in Ezeli’s knee.

With Ezeli out for more than a month, the Blazers will have to go training camp and preseason games with other big men in their roster. Also in the line-up are Mason Plumlee, Ed Davis and Meyers Leonard.

Ezeli’s role is primarily as a back up at the center spot but he can start if he can provide the potential he showed when he got minutes with his previous team, the Golden State Warriors.

Ezeli signed a two-year deal worth $15.13 million contract in Portland and earned the biggest paycheck in his career. He will be entering just his fourth year in the league after serving as a back up to Andrew Bogut with the Warriors.

Ezeli helped the Warriors win a title in 2015 and was also a crucial part in the 2016 season. Golden State could not afford to retain the big man in 2016 free agency as they spent all of their money on superstar Kevin Durant, who left the Oklahoma City Thunder.

If the procedure on the knee is successful, Festus Ezeli can rejoin the squad before the new NBA season begins.

Photo Courtesy: Matthew Addie/Flickr

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