NBA News: Why firing Byron Scott could be the right move for Lakers

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Byron Scott

Byron Scott will not return to the Los Angeles Lakers next season, the team announced on Sunday night. The Lakers has not exercised their option on Scott’s contract for the following season. They’re now decided to pursue the new candidate for the coaching job.

During his tenure, Scott coached the Lakers for the two consecutive seasons in which the Lakers has set a record for NBA losses, at 38-126. His record with the Lakers was the worst of any of the 16 coaches that had led the Lakers franchise for at least two seasons.

The former Cavaliers head coach was hired by the Lakers in 2014, with the goal of providing the Lakers with the kind of defensive mindsets that the team lacked under its former coach Mike D’Antoni. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, instead, the Lakers finished with the NBA’s second-worst record at 17-65 this season. The team was nowhere to go and dead last in terms of defensive ratings.

Basketball analysts believe that the team has made the right moves in firing Byron Scott. The former coach has missed the picture on a rebuilding team. Some believe that he could be the perfect coach for ushering a Kobe-like player but Scott is not the solution for player development during the rebuilding stage in which the team is currently in. The team also seemed to lose faith and respect with Scott’s coaching style during the final stages of the season.

Yes, Scott has a daunting task at Lakers, developing the future while simultaneously celebrating the career of Kobe Bryant. But Scott has certainly done the right job for Kobe, allowing the Black Mamba to make a good exit and created perhaps the most unforgettable final play of any athlete ever.

Overall, Scott is not really the right guy to lead the Lakers. His defense and offense strategy have never clicked. The results weren’t seen.

The firing of Scott has left the Lakers with arguably three of the best candidates that no longer available. Warriors assistant head coach Luke Walton has been said to be an ideal candidate for the “Lakers job”, which has shown impressive performance at warriors and has been pivotal in helping the warriors make history this season. Walton handled his men perfectly while head coach Steve Kerr was out. It’s no doubt that Walton has been linked to numerous head coaching vacancy. The other two candidates are Tom Thibodeau, who may be demanding more than the Lakers could give, and Scoot Brooks, who appears to have desired for a long-term commitment. Both coaches make solid options for Lakers and reportedly have expressed their interest for the job has it become available.

But the Lakers waited too long to fire Byron Scott, and this brought some problems for the team. The top two candidates for head coaching positions have already taken other jobs. Tom Thibodeau landed in Minnesota and Scott Brooks headed for Washington Wizards while Luke Walton is still deep on Warriors and can’t make adventure elsewhere. This leaves the Lakers with no possible options on the table.

Scott is a veteran head coach with previous tenures at New Jersey, New Orleans, Cleveland, and has led the Nets to two NBA Finals in his first head job. He also won tNBA’s Coach of the Year award with the Charlotte Hornets in 2008.

Scott has been named head coach of the Cavaliers, just days before LeBron James left for Miami Heat. During his stay at Cavaliers, the team went through what could be as the longest losing streak ever in the NBA history. The team ended up finishing the season with a 19-63 record, the second-worst record in the NBA history. Under Scott, the Cavaliers has struggled defensively, ranking at the bottom of the league in terms of defensive efficiency. On April 2013, the Cleveland management reached a tough decision and fired Scott Byron.

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