Nate McMillan’s promotion as Frank Vogel’s replacement: Indiana experts raise eyebrows

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The Indiana Pacers are moving forward after firing head coach Frank Vogel, the choice of who will Larry Bird hire next will be in question.

Nate McMillan is once more getting an opportunity to become a head coach. The Indiana Pacers are set to promote Nate McMillan to head coach’s post from an assistant coach. Experts find Larry Bird’s decision weird. Veteran star McMillan was an assistant coach under Frank Vogel in Indiana.

The Pacers parted ways with Frank Vogel this offseason nd has reportedly met Phil Jackson in an interview session for taking charge of the New York Knicks side.

McMillan earlier had a stint with Portland Trail Blazers as head coach, according to the Real GM.

In six and a half season in Portland, McMillan posted 266-269 win record and then was fired. Injuries to Greg Oden and Brandon Roy let him down. Prior to that, he had 4½ seasons in Seattle and McMillan went 212-183.

Experts have already raised eyebrows about Indiana Pacers‘ president Larry Bird’s decision to promote McMillan to head coach’s position. Well, he’s a retread.

Frank Vogel’s teams have won seven of the 12 playoff series; in comparison McMillan has won only 1 playoff series out of five. Here experts in Indiana are questioning why did Bird replace an established NBA coach with a proven NBA mediocrity? Moreover, McMillan’s coaching style is similar to that of Vogel; the same deliberate defensive minded ball-handling. And that too comes without a great defense.

But Larry Bird was looking for offensive style. And Mike D’Antoni, another retread’s style fits in better. Brian Shaw also could have been considered for his great relationship with Paul George.

And the numbers are also upsetting if you are a Pacers fan.

Vogel’s career winning percentage in the regular season: .580. McMillan’s is .514. And the would be head coach lags way behind his predecessor in playoffs’ win percentage too.

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