NBA News: JaVale McGee slams Cavs player who thinks he’s not ‘smart enough’ for NBA Finals

PHOTOGRAPH: Hwojnicki/Wikimedia Commons | JaVale McGee of the Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors center JaVale McGee voiced out his frustration on the unnamed Cleveland Cavaliers player who said that he is not smart enough to play in the NBA Finals 2017. McGee also questioned if the initial report was legitimate.

“If you are not going to put your name on it, why say it?” McGee said. “That’s even if it’s true. (Maybe) the reporter was making it up just to stir (expletive) up. Anybody can go and say what they want. Freedom of speech in America. You can say what you want. I don’t know who said it and (you) don’t know who said it so I don’t know, it might not be disrespectful, depending on where it is coming from. It might not be real at all.”

Is JaVale McGee going to be a nonfactor in the NBA Finals 2017?

The issue started on The Basketball Analogy Show when ESPN’s Dave McMenamin claimed that a Cavs player told him that JaVale McGee will not ever be having playing time in the NBA Finals 2017. The criticism on McGee received some agreement from McMenamin’s fellow podcasters.

“I had a Cavs player disagree with your opinion of (JaVale) McGee, Brian. He postulated to me that he doesn’t even think McGee’s gonna be able to get on the court or certainly not stay on the court because he doesn’t think he’s quote, unquote ‘smart enough’ to be able to play in this series,” McMenamin said.

In 77 games he played this season, McGee only averaged career-low in minutes with 9.6 minutes per game. He somehow found an increase playing time in the playoffs, averaging 10.5 minutes per game. With the intensity of the upcoming matchup between the Warriors and the Cavaliers, it’s hard for McGee to see playing time.

The Warriors plan to use the “Super Death Lineup” in the Finals. Even starting center Zaza Pachulia isn’t assured of longer playing time. The Warriors desperately want to take revenge against the Cavaliers after blowing a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals.

JaVale McGee eyeing to prove his doubters wrong

Despite the criticisms, McGee remains focused on their upcoming game against the Cavaliers. He said that he’s “ready to play” whenever the Warriors need him. Unlike in the past seasons, McGee finally found the place where he can showcase his skills.

He established an impressive performance on both ends of the floor despite having limited playing time. In the postseason, McGee shot 75 percent from the field. He also made his presence felt under the basket, averaging 1.1 blocks per game.

Photo courtesy: Hwojnicki/Wikimedia Commons

Video courtesy: Youtube/NBA Show

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