NBA News: Jeremy Lin helping the Brooklyn Nets in a big way off the court

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The Brooklyn Nets made great improvements on and off the court largely due to the star power of Jeremy Lin. Despite some tough defeats this season, including back-to-back losses, the Nets have more than to be thankful for.

Some of it is due to the guidance of new general manager Sean Marks, but the team can take credit. Nets coach Kenny Atkinson, though attributes the success of his players until injuries temporarily derail them.

Jeremy Lin’s injury greatly affected the team’s momentum, but that didn’t stop the Nets star guard to help his team. Having one of the biggest profiles in the entire NBA, Lin helped raise the Nets’ profile and their bottom line.

According to the New York Post, the Nets’ attendance and TV ratings are up since adding Lin to the team. That means increased sales and more advertising partnerships thanks largely to The Lin Effect. The outlet reports that a half-dozen of the new partnerships came on board specifically because of Lin.

Brian Lewis of The Post reports that the Net’s ratings on YES are up 44 percent year-over-year, from 0.32 to 0.46. Total viewers also are up 44 percent and all the key demographics have risen significantly. Viewers aged 18-34 are up 44 percent, with 35 percent belonging to men in that range, implying that the team did extremely well with its female fans.

Additionally, the team’s social media accounts are also getting the same effect, according to the SB Nation. The Nets’ Twitter engagement rose more than 150 percent last month from the same point last year. Its Facebook had spiked 86 percent in the same span and the Nets gained 50,000 fans since Lin joined the team.

While Lin sold a lot of Knicks jersey when he was in New York. It is expected that Lin’s Nets jersey will be a top seller.

With Lin still sidelined due to his hamstring injury, fans will have to wait for his return. Meanwhile, fans can help Lin and his team wins by showing support in their games.

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