Kevin Durant speaks up on why the Lakers didn’t interest him in free agency

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The Los Angeles Lakers were eager to find another superstar in the NBA free agency to fill the position of retired superstar Kobe Bryant. Kevin Durant is one of the best prospects that the Lakers could have had as they enter a new era to be led by Luke Walton.

Now a Golden State Warriors player, Kevin Durant speaks up about the reason the Lakers didn’t interest him in free agency. According to Los Angeles Daily News, he figured that meeting them would be a waste of time.

“Nothing against the Lakers, but I already had my mind set on who I wanted to talk to,” Durant said following the practice with the U.S. Olympic team on Monday at UNLV. “I really respect their team. I just thought they were a couple years away from where I wanted to be.”

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It’s not surprising that Durant did not want to deal with the Lakers this summer because of two main reasons: The first one is that the franchise has difficulties over the past couple of years with their pitch to free agents as the team focused on a business approach rather than selling players on what the product on the basketball floor would be.

Second, the team is rebuilding even though Lakers have a lot of talents with great potential. Durant believes that despite the great potential of the players, the Lakers are still a few years away from being a great group in the Western Conference.

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Durant decided to meet with the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder when he was still figuring out his free-agent decision. In the end, Durant signed a two-year contract worth $54.3 million  with the Golden State Warriors.

Durant chose to join the star-studded Golden State Warriors because he wants to have the best chance in becoming a champion for the first time.

Photo Courtesy: Keith/Wikipedia


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