NBA News: Rockets’ Ty Lawson responds to trade rumors and wishes to stay in Houston

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Lawson linked to Bucks, Knicks

After his name being tossed around for trade rumors, the Houston Rockets guard, Ty Lawson finally responds to critics and wishes to stay and hopes that everything in Houston will work out soon.

“I like the city, I like my fans. I mean, I like my teammates. It’s a good fit. I want to be here,” Lawson said.

“I’m just happy here. My role, I’m going to keep playing hard every day. I’d rather stay here.”

Lawson is currently having his worst season since his rookie year with a dismal, 6 points per game average to go with 3.5 assists a game and shooting 39% from the field.

The Rockets are now underachieving with just barely making it in the top 8 in the playoff race in the Western Conference. Hands were pointed to Ty Lawson for not meeting the expectations but even so, he is positive that they would turn things around soon enough.

“Hoping things turn around, we get into the playoffs and make things happen. Up and downs, it’s a little frustrating there’s always some types of talks. I’m glad to be here. Just going to play hard and see what happens. … I have no idea, even just on the floor and as a team, we’re buried as the eighth seed, but I feel like things are moving in the right direction. I just try to fit in and make things happen.”

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