NBA News: Stephen Curry shares cute story on how daughter Riley influenced her to choose Under Armour over Nike, Adidas

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Stephen Curry, Under Armour
Stephen Curry for Under Armour (Photo courtesy: underarmour.com)

Nike had a good shot of retaining Stephen Curry as brand endorser but the top shoe company in the United States failed to keep the Golden State Warriors point guard in 2015 when he moved to rival and rising shoe brand Under Armour.

The reason behind the move to Under Armour and Nike’s failure to retain Stephen Curry, who was a Nike athlete before the transfer, was apparently about Nike’s indifference and carelessness in trying to land Curry in a deal.

New reports from ESPN state that two people were also vital in Curry’s decision to move to Under Armour. First was the insistence of former teammate Kent Bazemore, who is now with the Atlanta Hawks, to recruit him to move to Under Armour. And second was Stephen Curry’s daughter, Riley, who convinced his dad to choose Under Armour.

Via ESPN, Stephen Curry shared a story about how he asked his then one-year old daughter to choose among three sneakers (Nike, Adidas and Under Armour). According to Stephen Curry, Riley “threw it over her shoulder” the first two sneakers she picked and then handed over to her the Under Armour shoe.

In an ESPN report in 2013, it stated that Nike still had the chance to retain Curry, who was offered around $4 million by Under Armour but Nike decided not to match the contract.

Stephen Curry is now making Nike regret the decision as he has become one of the most popular players in the NBA and also one of the best players in the last two years.

Curry led the Golden State Warriors to the franchise’s first title since 1975 and is leading the Warriors to a record regular season, when they are challenging to beat Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ 72-10 record set in the 1995-1996 season.

Photo courtesy: underarmour.com

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