Ben Simmons declines pre-draft workout with 76ers to join Lakers?

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons seemed to have no plans to workout for the Sixers in the next NBA draft on June 23. His decision was not considered a red flag.

Sixers President of basketball operation, Bryan Colangelo, explained Ben Simmons’ choice to decline being part of the Sixers. He said there were many reasons involved in the decision.

“It’s not a red flag,” he said. “Everybody deals with the draft process differently. Sometimes agents are involved. Sometimes families are involved in those decisions,” he added.

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Colangelo continued, “Again, everything we get in respect to out intel that it relates to Ben, is he would very much like to be selected No. 1.”

Philadelphia 76ers sounded like they won’t give up on getting Simmons though the 19-year-old power forward refused to workout, CBS noted. They have been eyeing him since their lottery win last month.

Simmons’ refusal doesn’t sound new to them since they have experienced the same with their key players like Nerlens Noel in 2013, Joel Embiid in 2014 and Jahlil Okafor in 2015 before they took them in the last three NBA drafts.

His decision to refuse working out for any of the teams was not considered final. In fact, he was reported to be more interested in joining Lakers than the Sixers. However, this won’t be made true if the teams do not move to make it possible.

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Mat Moore revealed that Simmons’ action is what other No. 1 drafts have been doing. They usually sign up for workouts, hope to impress, interview more and try to make a lasting impression.

These were the usual processes NBA drafts have to go through before the national teams choose their new team members. They would always base their decision on who would be the best for their profile. If they reached the top, the NBA drafts could just shut everything down and stay there.

Until now, the Philadelphia 76ers are still trying hard to get Simmons to workout with them. They are still hoping they could use the first overall pick to woo the former Louisiana State University power forward and Australian native in the team soon.

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