NBA Rumors: 76ers to trade Joel Embiid if his injuries recur next season?

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The NBA rumors surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers are swirling around the league. This is because the team currently has three players, who all plays the same position. The latest NBA rumors are pertaining to trading Joel Embiid if his injuries will recur next season.

Embiid has yet to play a regular-season game for the 76ers since he was drafted by the team in 2014. This is attributable to the injuries that he got in college and while he is training for the 76ers.

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 But the player recently said that he expects to play his first pre-season game for the team.

“I feel 100 percent and ready to get started,” Embiid said in his interview with

The 76ers’ coach, Brett Brown, also gave an assurance that the big man will be ready by October.

“He just is so on track, he’s on track in his head, he’s on track physically. I will tell you that, behind closed doors, physically, mentally, recent scans medically, everything is pointing in the right direction,” Brown told this in ESPN’s Zach Lowe podcast.

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However, the team is still taking a cautious approach to their big man. They need to do this so that Embiid will have the time to adjust and avoid re-aggravating his injuries. If the plan does not happen, then this would really frustrate the franchise.

They might be forced to trade Embiid to another team. This is because the 76ers had earlier planned to trade one of their current three centers on the roster. Those players are him, Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel.

Embiid is the one that might be moved since his injuries won’t help the team. This is the logical thing to do for it will be unfair for Okafor or Noel to be traded when they are actually playing for the team to win.

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