NBA Rumors: Aging Cavs loses Mo Williams, LeBron James more minutes as point forward, J.R. Smith rejects new offer

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Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr, LeBron James, Mo Williams retires, J.R. Smith misses training camp

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have one of the best point guards in the NBA with Kyrie Irving, but they need to buttress that crucial spot, which is an extension of a team’s coach on the court. It looks like LeBron James will be playing more minutes as a point forward in the upcoming season.

Kyrie Irving lost his key back up Mo Williams who’s been suffering a nagging knee injury, and who decided to call it quits just hours before NBA training camps started. Mo Williams have previously decided to play one more season, supposedly making this his last, but changed his mind.

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The Cavaliers have already lost point guards Matthew Dellavedova to the Milwaukee Bucks, and J.R. Smith still hasn’t signed back with the team despite the new aggressive offer given him by the defending champs. Thanks to LeBron James versatility he may end up playing more minutes running the game as a point-forward.

According to ESPN, Cavs GM David Griffin said, “We think very highly of J.R. Smith, we love him as a member of our team. As a member of our locker room, he was essential to our success.”

“For that reason, we’ve made an incredibly competitive and aggressive offer to re-sign him. We hope that gets done in relatively short order. At the same time, we’ve been accustomed to a next-man-up mentality, and we expect this will be no different.”

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In spite of LeBron James pushing for J.R. Smith, the team’s being over the salary cap space gives them limited options, making them less creative in making a re-signing offer for J.R. Smith.

J.R. Smith missed training camp in spite of the new offer, and Griffin declined further questions on the matter.

The team is in contact with Norris Cole, Mario Chalmers, Kirk Hinrich to replace Mo Williams. Both Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers are former LeBron James teammates with the Heat, while Kirk Hinrich, having the better record of the three, is already 35 years of age, and his numbers has been on a steady decline.

In spite of the scenario surrounding Mo Williams retirement, in a report by Cleveland Dave Griffin said, “We feel very comfortable with where we are at the point guard position, the versatility that we have to absorb that.”

“We have other people that can guard the position. Because of LeBron, we have additional people that can also play the position offensively, and frankly we’re really excited about finding out what some of the younger players on our roster can do. This is a training camp that for the first time since I’ve been here I think will be incredibly competitive, relative to roster spots themselves, and we’re really excited about the guys that we have in camp who have a chance to earn a job.”

On having the oldest roster in the NBA with an average age per player of nearly 31, coach Tyron Lue said, “They talk about us being old and having an experienced team, but Kyrie’s young, Tristan (Thompson) is young, K-Love’s (Kevin Love) young, Shump’s (Iman Shumpert) young, so, the core of our team, and what we’re trying to do, they’re young.”

“Plus LeBron James has the body of a 19-year-old, so, going forward I just don’t think our team is old.”

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr

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