NBA Rumors: Al Horford to Houston Rockets makes too much sense for deal not to happen

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Al Horford (Photo Courtesy: Mark Runyon/Flickr)

The Houston Rockets are one of the remaining teams in Al Horford’s choices for his next NBA team, according to reports on Friday. Other teams per NBA rumors mentioned the Washington Wizards and his previous team, the Atlanta Hawks.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reported on Friday that Horford met with four teams naming the Rockets and Wizards but leaving out which other two squads remain in play for the big man. It’s widely speculated that those teams are the Boston Celtics and Hawks.

Previous speculations had Horford linked to the Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic. Recent reports also claim that returning to Atlanta is still a possibility but the Hawks already gave out big contracts to Kent Bazemore and Dwight Howard in recent days.

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With Howard assumed a starting center role in Atlanta, it looks like Horford will prefer to sign with a team that will give him a major role, according to NBA rumors. Howard agreed to a three-year $70.5 million deal while Bazemore signed a four-year $70 million deal in Atlanta.

The 30-year-old Horford going back to the Hawks looks to be over as Atlanta needs to trade some of their players to clear salary cap room for the big man’s maximum deal. Horford has played the last nine seasons with the Hawks with career averages of 14.3 points, 8.9 rebounds and 1.2 blocks.

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The Wizards are also a good landing spot for Horford but the team already have Marcin Gortat at the center spot, which is Horford’s position. The Wizards also gave Bradley Beal a maximum deal recently and might want cheaper options in free agency.

Al Horford will continue to be part of NBA rumors at this point of the season. However, he’s expected to announce his decision within the next few days and the big man will be off the free agent market.

Photo Courtesy: Mark Runyon/Flickr

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