NBA Rumors: Another reason why LeBron James is jealous of Stephen Curry; Under Armour winning over Nike

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Photo courtesy: Official Under Armour site

LeBron James stole last season’s NBA championship from Stephen Curry. However, it’s the Golden State Warriors superstar that outperforming his Cleveland Cavaliers counterpart in the shoeline business with reports that his Under Armour’s shoes is now more popular than LeBron’s Nikes.

Curry is now stealing the thunder from LeBron’s Nikes with reports that the latter’s signature shoes have now a lower price compared to their previous release.

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Previously, there were NBA rumors that LeBron James was jealous of Curry’s success in the NBA but it looks like Under Armour winning over Nike can be added as another reason why the Cavs star could be jealous of his Warriors counterpart.

From a Complex report, it stated that LeBron’s sneakers are now about to get “more affordable” with news that the upcoming LeBron 14 shoe will be priced at $175. The previous signature shoe for the Cavaliers superstar cost $200, or exactly $25 more expensive that the upcoming release.

“Chain sneaker retailer Foot Locker said in an earnings call in May that it was having trouble selling Nike LeBron and KD shoes because of their high prices and that it was addressing the challenge with Nike,” the report stated confirming that Curry’s Under Armour deal is now affecting the business at Nike.

The rise in popularity of Stephen Curry when he became an NBA superstar and Most Valuable Player (MVP) the last two seasons has dragged Under Armour to being very competitive against Nike and adidas, two of the top brands for basketball shoes.

Curry’s Under Armour shoes cost at about $135 and way lower than LeBron’s Nikes. LeBron 14 is set for release later in 2016, according to the report.

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LeBron James won the title last year but Stephen Curry is winning shoes brand battle. Is the Cavs star now jealous of Curry’s success off the court?

Photo courtesy: Official Under Armour website

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