NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks countermove will be Dwight Howard if Kevin Durant negotiations fail

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The Atlanta Hawks have performed really well in the 2015 season, but have dropped steeply in 2016 especially on the offensive end. They were inconsistent throughout the season, which led them to a sullen fourth place in the East. The Hawks need a consistent go-to-guy, and it comes to no surprise that they intend to get Kevin Durant in the team.

Atlanta had the sixth best offensive rating during the previous season, and they hope the addition of Kevin Durant would boost their offense.

The chances of the Hawks signing up Kevin Durant are very slim, but there is a possibility that he will consider sitting down with the team for talks.

It seems likely that Kevin Durant will return to Oklahoma City Thunder where he has a good thing going; a solid performance that saw them match up and pressure the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

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Kevin Durant, considered the no.1 free agent this year, since Lebron James made it clear that he wants to remain with the champion Cavaliers for obviously the best reasons, is rumored to be considering negotiations with the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers. But it seems more likely, if he opts to get out of Oklahoma, that he would go to Golden State or the San Antonio Spurs.

The Hawks will give their best effort to persuade Durant to play for them. He recently agreed to talk to the Knicks, and his softening stance slightly opens a window for opportunity.

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The next priority for the Hawks, in case they fail to get Durant, is Dwight Howard. The latter may have slowed down a bit due to injuries but he’s relatively young with loads of experience.

Howard could give leadership and strength. His presence in the court could automatically mean better second chance opportunities underneath. These are things the Hawks need, and they have a good chance of signing Howard being a native of Atlanta. It could be his home again, including professionally, and solve the Hawks’ rebounding woes (28th overall).

Aside from putting in production numbers, offensive and defensive rebounding, Howard will toughen their defense, which has already improved so much in the 2016 season.

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