NBA Rumors: Ben McLemore to Spurs or Hawks, back up to Ginobili or Kyle Korver?

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The San Antonio Spurs are trying to cope from star forward-center Tim Duncan’s retirement while in the process of injecting more youth in its roster in anticipation of its aging stars Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili’s impending exit. NBA rumors circulate around their interest in Ben McLemore.

The Spurs are covering up Tim Duncan’s void by signing Pau Gasol and David Lee, but they know that it takes more than that to ready themselves against tougher opposition, especially with the Golden State Warriors new star Kevin Durant working alongside Stephen Curry.

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Meanwhile the Sacramento Kings have been trying to trade Ben McLemore since July. The shooting guard’s potential addition to the Spurs could add more athleticism and he could play some time as back up for Manu Ginobili.

Ben McLemore’s consistency and physicality is expected to benefit an aging San Antonio Spurs roster greatly, as prior to suffering a wrist injury last season McLemore had a consecutive games streak of 211, which is the second longest record in the NBA.

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On the other hand, the Sacramento Kings have already signed up Arron Afflalo as their new shooting guard and drafted Malachi Richardson, which is a cue for McLemore’s exit.

According to a report by the Rotoworld, “The Kings are unlikely to agree to an extension with Ben McLemore, the deadline is Oct. 31, but it’s not a secret that McLemore has been on the trade block for more than the past year.

“The Kings signed Arron Afflalo to be their starting shooting guard and drafted Malachi Richardson, so a move away from Sacramento would probably be the best thing for McLemore. If the Kings are able to move him, don’t expect them to get much in return.”

Would the current Spurs revamp, especially with Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and LaMarcus Aldridge be strong enough to power them back to contention in the Western Conference, especially against the Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry?

Another rumor going on is the possibility that the Atlanta Hawks may be interested in McLemore. They see his potential from being a standout at Kansas, which may be developed into something deadlier, even reminiscent of Ray Allen, with the Hawks’ ball movement and players like Tim Hardaway Jr. Kyle Korver, at 35, will be needing a solid back up too, and McLemore could be the answer.

Ben McLemore would fit in nicely with a team that could give him more opportunities to shoot and take advantage of his perimeter shots.

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