NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin Bulls trade, Jimmy Butler to Nuggets in 3-team deal unlikely

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Blake Griffin, Clippers
Blake Griffin, Clippers

This year looks promising for Blake Griffin, as he looks forward to making up for his missed games due to injuries last season. It’s given him a renewed spirit that begins to show in practice and even the preseason. Are the NBA rumors on a Blake Griffin Bulls trade still viable?

He is definitely no stranger to trade speculations, and the latest of which is a Blake Griffin Bulls trade that involves 3 teams- Clippers, Nuggets, and the Chicago Bulls.

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As NBA rumors go, the Bulls will get Blake Griffin, Danilo Gallinari, and Branden Dawson, while they give up Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson, who could both end up in Denver.

Meanwhile, the Clippers, to complete the scenario, get Wilson Chandler, and Nikola Mirotic, along with Denver’s first-round draft pick in 2017, as suggested by HNGN.

Are forwards Blake Griffin and Gallinari sufficient replacements to Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson? NBA rumors believe they would make justifiable swaps.

While it seems plausible on paper, it seems unlikely to happen given the spirited efforts of Blake Griffin, and his likelihood to re-sign with the Clippers.

He works out so hard that Doc Rivers felt he needed to pull him out.

“I don’t blame Blake. If I hadn’t played in a year or half a year, I’d probably do it, too. This is his first time he had like red meat in front of him all year, in a long time, so I get it.” Doc Rivers said according to Bleacher Report.

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Blake Griffin has been improving his game, looking healthy, extending his range to even as far out beyond the arc, which will definitely improve how the Clippers run their offense.

“He’s just that committed to working out and training and being great. When you’re as good of a player as Blake is, you don’t expect anything less.” Chris Paul said.

Does it look like he’d exercise his player option next year? Besides, Doc Rivers has repeatedly shot down all types of rumors, including this Blake Griffin Bulls trade.

The movement of Jimmy Butler, Kenneth Faried, and sounds good, but without Blake Griffin, none of this could materialize. Would Jimmy Butler want to be traded? Are there issues with Wade and Rondo? That should be immaterial too, for the sake of these NBA rumors.

And why would Doc Rivers even contemplate moving their power forward?

According to a report by Fansided, Doc Rivers said, “It’s amazing how well he’s playing and moving. It’s like he didn’t miss last year. For a lot of guys, it takes a while. You come back. He’s been amazing to me.”

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