NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin Celtics duo with Al Horford, best frontcourt pair in the league

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Blake Griffin Celtics
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NBA rumors have plagued Blake Griffin for quite some time now, and it’s obviously for a good reason. The Clippers’ power forward may be playing his last season with his team, and they could lose him for nothing in the free agency this coming summer.

Another great reason why NBA rumors are swirling around him is ‘cause he’s developed his game so much this year. He’s become more disciplined than the guy we’re accustomed to learning about being suspended for his off court issues, and he’s been working hard on expanding his game, especially from mid-range and behind the arc.

Wherever Blake Griffin may end up, that team shall have been expected to be able to change its offensive approach. The Clippers have openly expressed their desire to retain his services; in fact, they hope he spends his entire career with them.

Because of his expanding abilities, and his more obvious athletic supremacy, he has been drawing interest from around the league.

One that has been regularly on the spotlight are the Boston Celtics, who are in need of an additional superstar to back Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford.

Al Horford averaged 10.1 points, 9.7 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 0.9 blocks with the Hawks, before signing with Boston. He’s a good solid player, but many don’t see him as a legitimate superstar yet. However, a Blake Griffin Celtics move could make their frontcourt tandem one of the best in the league.

Apart from a Blake Griffin Celtics interest, NBA rumors say Boston is also looking into a possibility of acquiring Gordon Hayward, as reported by Chatsports.

While a Blake Griffin Celtics tandem with Al Horford would no doubt create a dangerous partnership in favor of Boston, the question remains upon the likelihood of Griffin’s wanting to move out of L.A.

Why would he want to do that now with his budding entertainment business? Would he give that up by moving to Boston? NBA rumors abound.

The Clippers have been doing well, making it to the post-season in five successive years. Blake Griffin has the benefit of partnering with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan (Clippers Big 3) who are on their way to a brighter stronger season.

It seems unlikely for a Blake Griffin Celtics transfer when things seem aligned in his favor.

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