NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin & Chris Paul to stay as Clippers; newfound trust & winning record

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NBA on Blake Griffin injury, Paul Pierce, Clippers
Blake Griffin injured, Paul Pierce replacement, Clippers

Over the past months the league has been rife with NBA rumors that the Clippers would lose Blake Griffin and Chris Paul once they hit the free agency period. Is that still the case?

The Clippers have made it to the post-season for five years in a row, which makes them a good, solid team. But they’ve always fallen short, and have never made it past the semifinals. Why should this season be any different for the Clippers led by its powerhouses Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and J.J. Redick? NBA rumors swirl.

Trust comes in time.

“I’ve thought about that. ‘Why didn’t we do this last year?’ Part if it is attention to detail. We’ve tweaked a few things here and there, and trust … that always helps, knowing that when you help a guy, another guy is going to be there.” Chris Paul said in a report by the LA Times.

“When you start a season, you’re always wondering what the team’s identity is going to be, and once you get a few games under your belt, you start to see that. Our team is excited about defense, about stopping teams and trying to keep them under a certain number. That’s something that can be contagious all season.”

Defense is something that’s really improved for the Clippers this season, and their offense has always been there. They’re now at the top at 6-1. Blake Griffin has improved his range, while they could have him run the offense while Chris Paul and J.J. Reddick could focus on their shooting.

Their defense is great with DeAndre Jordan, who’s also a two-way baller, and most effective with pick and rolls. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul ran their game and they’ve beaten the Spurs and the Warriors.

The Warriors are still the heavy favorite to win the top spot, NBA rumors reveal, especially with Durant. But Blake Griffin ‘s Clippers are on the right track for a possible second spot if they are able to maintain their defense and that killer instinct that drives it.

The Clippers’ dedication and focus is seemingly the best as it’s ever been for years. It’s like things have come full circle. Would they break up as NBA rumors abound? Would Blake Griffin and Chris Paul choose to leave when they become free agents?

Their performance speaks for itself.

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