NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin to join Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler in Chicago Bulls

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Blake Griffin (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr)

Blake Griffin exudes exceptional athleticism on the basketball court. Most fans even tend to hype his overall skills and abilities. Despite his value and contributions to the team, rumors say that the Los Angeles Clippers are trading him to the Chicago Bulls when he enters free agency next season.

Reports say that the talented and energetic power forward is being moved in lieu of his fights and lingering injuries. Blake Griffin missed his first season with the NBA after he got injured during the final pre-season.

Last season, he only played 35 games and broke his hand after he repeatedly punched Matias Testy in a Toronto restaurant. He also had a misdemeanor battery case in 2014.

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In spite of his inconsistencies and absences, Blake Griffin is a consistent favorite in highlight reels. If rumors are true that he is being traded to the Chicago Bulls, his scoring ability will surely make the Bulls an elite team in the East with teammates and new acquisitions Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo.

Other players rumored to be part of the trade are Nikola Mirotic and Taj Gibson. The logic of moving both forwards to make way for Blake Griffin could serve the Clippers’ interests.

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The Clippers has been longing for consistency, which they didn’t get from Blake Griffin due to his suspensions and injuries. Both Mirotic and Gibson could make them a better-rounded team with more depth. Gibson could also help them improve their defense.

If the rumors are true, hopefully Blake Griffin will be able to keep away from controversies and injuries to strengthen the mix of Dwayne Wade, Jimmy Butler and Rojon Rondo. The team has already made major changes by trading Derrick Rose and Justin Holiday for New York Knicks center Robin Lopez after a rocky season.

In spite of accumulating a winning record of 42-40, the Chicago Bulls had issues with divisiveness within the players and coach Fred Hoiberg. Things could change significantly now with Dwyane Wade at the helm, who could help recruit players next year.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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