NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin a ‘true centerpiece’, remains with Clippers; No Russell Westbrook trade

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Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin (Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/

Clippers’ power forward Blake Griffin may have had an average start in the NBA, marred with injuries, and his off-court behavior caused him to miss games and suspensions. But he’s also young at 27 years of age, talented, and with a bright future ahead of him.

More importantly, he seems to be a guy who’s willing to adapt to circumstances and change his attitude for the betterment of all, which attests to his soon-to-be-proven leadership.

The best manifestation of his developed maturity was when giving advice to a young Buddy Hield, who’s about to try his luck in the big league.

“He’s on the right path. Buddy has done everything the right way. The type of career he had here and the year he had last year sets him up for success this year. He just has to keep doing the things he’s been doing and he’ll be fine.” Blake Griffin said, as reported by Fan Sided.

“Everyone knows how good of a player he is, but how good of a person he is important as well. He’s already turning heads at the next level.”

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Blake Griffin seems past his troubles and knows the importance of one’s demeanor when fitting in with a group of talented guys in a team.

He’s also been improving so much lately, putting in respectable numbers despite missing 45 games.

His overall skill set has developed in a way that’s making him more formidable as a big man. He has the size, speed, power and charm to even make Michael Jordan wish he’d star in Space Jam 2 over LeBron James.

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On a serious note, his efficient footwork makes him more difficult to guard, especially when combined with his muscle and strength. Unlike a few years back when he was merely limited to dunk highlights and spectacular plays, he’s now become more of a threat near the paint and even from range.

His mid-range shots will afford the Clippers to modify their game and become more versatile as a team. He’s become more consistent when shooting, which gives him opportunities to drive to the basket.

He has improved so much, and it’s more astounding when one thinks how much he can still improve with his teeming youth and energy. He’s a “true centerpiece for any team” as reported by Hoops Habit.

Doc Rivers and the Clippers would be out of their minds to trade Griffin, and they certainly don’t intend to. Losing Blake Griffin would be tantamount to Doc Rivers losing his job. He’s repeatedly made it known that he’d do all within his power to keep Griffin with the Clippers, even offering him to play there, ‘till he wants to.

It’s an offer that’d be hard, if not impossible for Griffin to resist, knowing his value as a player is highly acknowledged. He has good reason to be satisfied and according to a report by News Ok, his loyalty remains with the Clippers.

For now, we can forget about the rumors of trading him with Russell Westbrook, Paul Millsap or Kyle Korver, etc.

He’s been rumored for quite a while, with Russell Westbrook is the latest, but all that comes to an end.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/

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