NBA Rumors: Blake Griffin unlikely to move to Lakers, trio with Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan getting better

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Chris Paul and Blake Griffin trade
NBA rumors on Blake Griffin trade,

NBA rumors involving Blake Griffin being moved from the Clippers remain despite the repeated rejections on such notions by coach Doc Rivers and Clippers owner Steve Ballmer himself.

Who doesn’t want to have the talented Blake Griffin on their team? Instead of being jaded about these swirling NBA rumors, it should be taken to signify that Griffin’s stock on the NBA continues to rise.

That, aside from the fact that the 27-year-old power forward, along with Chris Paul could become free agents next summer, and like it or not, teams around the NBA have their sights on them.

But why would Chris Paul and Blake Griffin want to move? Chris Paul seems to be doing well with the team, and his entrepreneurial interests seem to be paying off. Blake Griffin ‘s extracurricular activities in the entertainment business seem to be growing, too.

Well, that’s because the latest NBA rumor has placed the Los Angeles Lakers on the front line, waiting for him.

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However, what the Lakers can offer in exchange for Blake Griffin are young talents, since that’s exactly what they’re composed of, such as D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, and Brandon Ingram. Of course, they could arrange something to sweeten the deal, as Griffin would likely seek a max contract.

There will be more NBA rumors surrounding the matter, for sure, but something tells us that Blake Griffin is having a swell time with the Clippers.

It seems that the confidence being given him is helping improve his game. When you have a coach who tells you, you may play for as long as you want in the franchise, showing how they value you, it will likely pay some dividends.

The Clippers were right in holding up their core group of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan.

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Their experiences together, despite eventually losing in the playoffs for five straight seasons, has made them a stronger unit. They’ve become familiar with their weaknesses and strengths, and are taking strides to better themselves.

Case in point is Blake Griffin ‘s development of his 3-pt range.

He made 2 of his 3 attempts in Wednesday’s preseason, and in a report by NBA Chris Paul said, “Obviously, we get to see it a lot more often than you guys do, but I’m probably the guy that’s on him the hardest about continuing to shoot it, continuing to shoot it.”

“We always talk about it – when you see a guy work on something so much and whatnot, you just have the utmost confidence in him.”

Why break up now?

Doc Rivers admires his focus, and fans hope he’ll stay healthy this season. It seems too that he’s behaving himself, and we’re likely done with all those off court issues that saw him get suspended in the past.

“I still think I’ve got to be effective in a lot of other areas, being a four man,” Blake Griffin said. “So, it’s not something I’m going to pick-and-pop to all the time, but if it’s there, it’s something I’ve worked on.”

He surely doesn’t sound like he’s planning on moving some time soon.

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