NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics desperate to get Jimmy Butler, offering a starter and 2016 draft pick to Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Rumors and News: Jimmy Butler does little to clear up relationship with Derrick Rose Photo Courtesy: HoopXpress/ Youtube

NBA rumors are now swirling the Boston Celtics who are reportedly being more aggressive to get Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls.

The initial plan of the Boston Celtics in the off-season is to get the Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant in the free agency market. However, in order for their plan to succeed, they have, at least sign a star like Jimmy Butler or Al Horford.

According to a report from CBS Sports, The Vertical suggests that Celtics general manager Danny Ainge should do what he did in 2007. The scenario in that year was their pursuit for Kevin Garnett to sign for their team. In order to make that happen, the Celtics traded their No. 5 pick in 2007 draft, Delonte West and Wally Szczerbiak to Seattle for Ray Allen. With that move, they made Garnett sign for their team.

This plan may not work 100 percent in the current situation, but chances are great that it will. Kevin Durant would prefer a team that has the ability to be more competitive next season than the team who can only pay him a max contract. Having Jimmy Butler on Celtics’ roster can make Durant say yes to the team.

However, the Chicago Bulls will not be making it easier to trade Butler. They will surely agree with the trade when their team benefits more. With Danny Ainge’s way of thinking, he might take the bait what the Bulls are offering to get what he wants. If this happens, the Celtics might be having a Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen tandem version 2.0 that once brought the team to the NBA finals and gave them the championship title. The Durant-Butler duo will surely be the tandem that most awaited in the 2016-17 NBA season.

Photo courtesy: HoopXpress/Youtube

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