NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics eyeing to revive Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen tandem with Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler

With the accomplishment that the Oklahoma City Thunder had this post season, rumors are swirling that Kevin Durant will most likely stay and re-sign with the team and make another run this coming season.

Rumors and speculations are now swirling on the Boston Celtics, who reported trying to revive the Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen tandem with Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler.

As the NBA free agency draws near, the teams who dreamt of becoming a title contender next season are trying to acquire the top free agents available in the market. The Boston Celtics remain aggressive in their pursuit for the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant.

According to Chris Broussard of ESPN, a league source revealed that Kevin Durant narrowed the list of the teams he is interested in having free-agency meetings, including the Boston Celtics. Despite the tough competition for the Thunder superstar, the Celtics still believe that they have a chance to acquire Durant. However, they admitted that they need to make certain adjustments, including signing an additional superstar to their team.

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It is not a secret to everyone about the Celtics desire to acquire Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls. They believe that acquiring a rising superstar like Butler will lead to a higher chance of signing Kevin Durant. Celtics owner Danny Ainge revealed that he wanted to revive the Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen tandem that once gave them a championship title in 2007.

It was one of the smartest move made by Danny Ainge for his team. Before they won the championship, it was almost impossible for the Celtics to acquire Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, the acquisition of Ray Allen changed Garnett’s mood and decided to join the Celtics.

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The Boston Celtics can do the same with Jimmy Butler and Kevin Durant. The Celtics have plenty of pieces to trade to the Chicago Bulls, including the #3 pick Jaylen Brown. If they are really serious about their plan, they should make the offer more attractive for the Bulls.

Sacrificing the likes of Avery Bradley or Jae Crowder will be worth it once they succeed to acquire Jimmy Butler and Kevin Durant. In the upcoming free agency, they should give Durant the best reasons, he should play for the Celtics next season.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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