NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics giving away Jae Crowder and 2016 first-round pick for Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls Rumors and News: Jimmy Butler does little to clear up relationship with Derrick Rose Photo Courtesy: HoopXpress/ Youtube

NBA rumors are now circulating with the Boston Celtics who are said to be trading Jae Crowder and first-round pick in the 2016 NBA draft for Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler.

The Boston Celtics, who are now undergoing a rebuilding process, are one of the teams targeting Butler from the Chicago Bulls. Based on a previous report, the Vertical suggested Celtics owner Danny Ainge to do what he did in 2007 wherein they managed to lure Kevin Garnett to sign for their team by acquiring Ray Allen via trade. The Garnett-Allen tandem became successful for the Celtics, giving them an NBA championship title.

According to a report from, the Chicago Bulls are willing to trade Jimmy Butler if an NBA team would offer a top 3 pick in the 2016 NBA draft and an NBA starter. Considering that the Celtics landed with the top 3 picks, they will be trading Jae Crowder along with the first-round pick in order to acquire Butler from the Bulls.

In case these would be the final deal, there will be a big difference in salary between the two players. Jimmy Butler, who has $92.3 million contract, just completed the first year in his five-year contract while Jae Crowder, who has a $35 million five-year deal, signed last summer.

However, if the Boston Celtics are serious to revive the 2007 Garnett-Allen tandem, they should take the risk in signing Butler if it would lead them in getting Kevin Durant in free agency. They should already make up their minds since there are other teams like the Los Angeles Lakers who are also willing to trade D’Angelo Russell and future draft pick for Butler.

Though the Chicago Bulls want to keep Jimmy Butler, a great offer for the Bulls’ superstar could lead them to change their mind since their team is also undergoing a rebuilding process.

Photo courtesy: HoopXpress/Youtube

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