NBA rumors: Bradley Beal is drawing $22 million offer from Wizards in free agency

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Photo courtesy: Photo courtesy: JoeGlo Photography/Wikimedia Commons

The Washington Wizards are willing to offer a five-year-deal worth max amount to Bradley Beal at the beginning of the free agency on July 1, according to people with the knowledge of the situation.

Last week the player restated that he expects the Wizards to offer him a max contract. Beal also clarified that if he doesn’t get the desired offer, he would look elsewhere in free agency. Beal earned $5.6 million last season and will be having a cap hold of $14.2 million. The Wizards want to pursue free agents using his cap hold as a lower cap figure. That is a reason they want to reach an agreement with Beal but wait until July 1 for signing the deal.

Beal, the third overall pick of the 2012 NBA draft out of Florida, has been injury prone but productive in his NBA career when healthy. Beal featured in only 55 games last season due to a recurring injury in his right fibula. He has never played more than 73 games in one season, according to the Washington Post.

Is Bradley Beal worth of drawing such a huge offer? The simple reason for this is the Wizards don’t have any reasonable alternative for him.

A max contract would pay him $22 million for next year based on the $92 million salary cap projection teams are currently working with. The max salary of a four-year-veteran of the league like Beal could go just under 25 percent of the cap amount.

Only five players earned at least the amount which the Wizards’ star is going to receive this summer.

Photo Courtesy: JoeGlo Photography/Wikimedia Commons

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