NBA Rumors: Brandon Ingram Lakers as a future Warrior with Kevin Durant & Andre Iguodala

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Brandon Ingram Lakers
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The Los Angeles Lakers will be starting the new season without their superstar Kobe Bryant for the first time, but they are now better positioned to win more games and make a strong impression. Thanks to its promising young star Brandon Ingram and its acquisition of Luol Deng added to its youthful players.

Brandon Ingram quickly made himself heard when he mentioned George Gervin as the player he models his game after. His performance during the Summer League impressed many for his ability to go with the flow, score with ease, and not forcing things.

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Praises come from no less than the Lakers former big man Shaquille O’Neal and even Kevin Durant of the Warriors who said Brandon Ingram is more fluid than he was early in his career.

But according to a report by SB Nation Brandon Ingram Lakers future won’t shine as bright as most expect. At least not yet, as coach Luke Walton wants the lanky forward to have time to develop.

Apart from his apparent need to hone his skills, he’d also need to adjust to the NBA’s grueling schedule.

“The biggest challenge for him will be the physical abuse of an NBA season.” Luke Walton said.

“No player has ever been through that until you get to the NBA. It’s exhausting until your body gets used to it and adjusts to it. It takes time. The biggest challenge for him will be figuring out the best way to manage that, still, train and take care of himself. The on-court stuff and his play will be just fine. It’ll be the challenge of the 82 game season he might struggle with.”

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NBA rumors started to circulate that Brandon Ingram Lakers future may be in question if he doesn’t get sufficient play time, and his friendship with Andre Iguodala may be a subtle way of recruiting him in the future.

He has been getting some advice from Andre Iguodala too, who plays for the Warriors, mainly on developing his defensive game. With Iguodala and Kevin Durant giving him praises, are we likely to see Brandon Ingram giving the Warriors a consideration in the future?

That seems unlikely at this time as the talented rookie is bent at earning his minutes, as well as his teammates’ respect. His being benched is also for a good reason- to make way for Luol Deng who has the skills and more experience to play more minutes than him at this point, and so he gets to gradually prepare himself for the future of the franchise.

Photo courtesy: Zach Frailey/Flickr

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