NBA Rumors: Brandon Knight returns to Detroit with Pistons projected to struggle without Reggie Jackson

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The Detroit Pistons will be entering the 2016-17 NBA season without their star point guard Reggie Jackson, who is currently suffering a knee injury. According to the latest NBA rumors, Brandon Knight will be heading back to the Pistons to solve their backcourt problem.

In the 2015-16 NBA season, the Detroit Pistons have managed to end their playoff drought with the help of Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson. Having a lack of playoff experience, the Pistons were easily eliminated by the reigning NBA champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, the past season proved that the Pistons’ future is bright with the two young superstars on their team – Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson. Both players continue to improve and there is no doubt that they are on the right path to superstardom. In the ESPN Summer Forecast, the Pistons are projected to finish 4th in the Eastern Conference with a 45-37 record.

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However, an unfortunate event happened that may ruin the Pistons’ dream to earn a playoff spot in the upcoming season. In the preseason, Reggie Jackson suffered a knee injury and is expected to miss at least 20 regular season games.

This would be a big problem for the Pistons since Jackson is one of their key players. Though they have Ish Smith as his replacement, Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy is not satisfied with his performance.

“I just want him to be more aggressive than what he was (vs. Brooklyn). I thought he was so conscious of trying to pass the ball the other night that he didn’t have his eyes on the rim and because you’re not looking to score and you’re playing laterally, you’re not sucking defense in. He needs to be more aggressive.” Van Gunday said.

If the Pistons are serious in earning a playoff spot, they should immediately make their move to solve their backcourt problem. As of now, one of their options is to look for a quality point guard who is currently on the trading block.

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According to Hoops Rumors, the Phoenix Suns are seeking for a trade partner for Brandon Knight. With Eric Bledsoe healthy, there is no chance that Knight will start for the Suns in the upcoming season. The Suns are frequently mentioned in various trade rumors in the past months involving guards Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight.

However, Zach Lowe of ESPN revealed that there is no indication that the Suns are trading Bledsoe. He added that the Suns could get a good return if Knight will start strong in the upcoming season. At some point, the Pistons should consider getting their former point guard back.

Last season, Brandon Knight averaged 19.6 points and 5.1 assists per game. The 24-year-old point guard could serve as the Suns starting point guard while Reggie Jackson is still recovering from injury. Knight started his NBA career in Detroit where he provided good scoring and assists.

NBA fans should note that this are just rumors that may or may not happen before the trade deadline. Should the Pistons struggle without Reggie Jackson, expect them to make a backcourt improvement.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/

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