NBA Rumors: Brook Lopez leaving after 2017-18 season? Jeremy helping Nets in recruiting free agents this summer

PHOTOGRAPH: Keith Allison/Flickr | Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets

Brook Lopez will be entering the final year of the $63 million deal he signed with the Brooklyn Nets in 2015. Despite suffering another disappointing season, the 29-year-old center expressed his intention to stay with the Nets and be part of their rebuilding plan.

The Nets ended the 2016-17 NBA season with a 20-62 win-loss record, making them the worst team in the league. Unfortunately, they won’t receive any benefit from being the worst team after losing most of their first-round picks in a blockbuster trade with the Boston Celtics. As of now, the Nets will try to rebuild with the current assets they have and with the players they could possibly acquire this offseason.

Brook Lopez hopes to be part of the Nets’ long-term future

Brook Lopez spent nine seasons with the Nets and hopes to be part of their rebuilding plan. Lopez has shown massive improvement this season, especially with his three-point shooting averaging 34.6 percent. As of now, there is no doubt that he becomes more valuable in the Nets’ 3-happy system.

“I don’t know about value, or anything like that,’’ Lopez said at the Nets’ season-ending exit day. “I’m happy to be here. … I hope just with my off-the-court attributes, the way I’ve led, the way I’ve helped other players grow, I hope those were characteristics that really showed how important I am to this group.”

Lopez has been part of various trade rumors in the past seasons. Before the trade deadline, there were rumors that the Nets were willing to move him for two first-round picks. After deciding to keep Lopez, Nets general manager Sean Marks revealed their plan to see more of him and Jeremy Lin playing together on the court.

Brook-Lin teaming up in free agency recruitment this summer

Last offseason, Brook Lopez helped the Nets in recruiting their target free agents. The same thing is expected to happen this summer. However, this time Lopez will be working together with Jeremy Lin.

“I’m sure I’ll be involved,” Lin said. “I don’t know to what degree. Just by nature, we’ve already been involved. People are asking us [now]. Players are asking us questions when we’re playing against them, and friends. We’re just by nature already involved and immersed, and will continue to be involved going forward. I’m sure when July comes around I’ll be trying to pitch. I’ll know what the plans are, and I’m sure I’ll be pitching and doing my best to get these guys to come.”

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr

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