NBA Rumors: Bulls trading Dwyane Wade to Cleveland if their experiment fails, says radio host Nick Wright

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Dwyane Wade and LeBron James (Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr)

The Chicago Bulls signed Dwyane Wade to a two-year deal but many people think that it is just a failed experiment waiting to happen. According to the latest NBA rumors and radio host Nick Wright, the Bulls will end up trading Wade to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the middle of the 2016-17 season.

If any team adds an all-time great player like Wade, they will be considered an improved team. However, it seems like the Bulls are just looking to sell tickets using their hometown hero after trading Derrick Rose.

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In a recent episode of The Herd, radio host Nick Wright told Colin Cowherd thinks that the Wade experiment in Chicago will fail and the Bulls are going to trade him to the Cavaliers. He pointed out that the Bulls having Rajon Rondo, Wade and Jimmy Butler, who all are not great shooters, does not make any sense in today’s three-point heavy NBA.

“If it all clicks (for Chicago), great. If it doesn’t, guess what we know for a fact. The Cavs will trade for him. The Cavs could because of their trade exceptions… Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye, all of their trade exceptions and a couple of first-round picks to sweeten the pot for Chicago,” Wright said.

“People in Miami, people around that team in Miami think that that is part of this math for Dwyane Wade. The discussion in Miami is you watch December 15th when he’s eligible to be traded and Cleveland will call for him,” he added.

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Of course, this is a just an opinion and a suggestion by Wright. The Cavs can’t sign Wade in free agency and they could certainly trade him. However, all of us should just wait and see what the Bulls and Cavs will do come December 15 when Wade is eligible to be traded.

The Golden State Warriors just added Kevin Durant so LeBron James would need another star to join him, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr

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