NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony insists he’s not leaving Knicks

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Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks at Washington Wizards March 1, 2013. (Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia)

The 2015-16 NBA regular season is coming to a close and the New York Knicks will be entering the offseason with a few questions. One of them is will Carmelo Anthony stay in the Big Apple or will he demand a trade? According to the latest NBA rumors, Anthony is insisting that he will not be leaving New York this summer. He is planning to see the rebuilding process but said that it’s not going to take longer than many fans and analysts are saying.

The 31-year-old player was asked last Sunday if he has played his final game at Madison Square Garden in the 93-89 loss to the Toronto Raptors.

“No, no, I don’t think about that. Not right now. I can’t think about that,” he answered via ESPN. “My mindset is just figuring out how we’re going to better this situation, how we’re going to continue to grow as a team, grow as an organization and not get used to going home this early in April.”

NBA rumors in New York imply that Phil Jackson may also be leaving the Knicks this offseason just after two years as team president. However, Anthony is enthusiastic about this summer regarding Jackson’s plans for the Knicks roster.

“There’s plenty of uncertainty right now. That’s what guys get paid the big bucks for, man. Everybody got to put their heads together and try to figure out what’s going on and what’s going to happen and how we can continue moving this ship forward and getting better,” he said.

As mentioned in the previous report about NBA rumors, the Knicks may have a problem with signing free agents to a max contract deal due to the contracts of Arron Afflalo and Derrick Williams. Nonetheless, the Knicks have a rookie named Kristaps Porzingis that could potentially attract a star this summer.

Big names available in the 2016 free agency this July and will be part of NBA rumors include Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Andre Drummond, DeMar DeRozan, Bradley Beal, Al Horford, Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade, among many other free agents.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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