NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony to chase Rajon Rondo for New York Knicks, promises to be more active in recruiting 2016 free agents

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Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony wants to be more active in recruiting free agents for his team, the New York Knicks in the upcoming 2016 free agency. One of his targets is Sacramento Kings star point guard Rajon Rondo, who is one of the top free agents in the market this summer.

“I think Rondo — just me personally, I don’t want to be tampering — but I’ve heard he said he wouldn’t thrive in a system like this. I think he’d be perfect in a system like this,” Anthony said to Stephan Bondy of the New York Daily News when asked about the possibility of Rondo playing in New York in one of the NBA rumors this week.

“It is a misconception about that. Some of the keys of our offense is penetration, getting in the paint. Pushing the pace, transition. Creating in the paint for bigs, for yourself, everybody else. I think a point guard would love that. Especially a point guard who can penetrate, create for yourself, create for others. I think it’s a perfect opportunity for him.”

The NBA can penalize teams or players for “tampering”, which is the process wherein teams or players talk about potential free agents and courting them ahead of the free agency window recruitment in July.

However, by declaring he wants Rondo in New York this early, it would seem Anthony is aggressive in trying to recruit the point guard as the Knicks’ starting point guard. It remains to be seen if the league fines Anthony for his statements for his commenting on NBA rumors about free agency this year.

Previous head coach Derek Fisher said earlier in the season that Rondo could be a bad fit with the Knicks’ offensive system, which uses the “Triangle Offense”. Fisher has been fired already however and it could open the communication between the Knicks and Rondo.

Anthony also committed to bringing in the top free agents this offseason. Last year, Anthony wasn’t as active publicly in trying to add players to his team and wasn’t involved in NBA rumors in free agent recruitment.

“Put me at the head of the (meeting) table,” Anthony added. “And let’s go to work.”

Photo courtesy: scott mecum/Wikimedia Commons

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